Authentic Organic Cotton

We have Started the Project in Salem Tamil Nadu with 3000 farmers Non GMO(Non BT) seeds and original.Going to tie up with major retail brand fair trade organic also available .


Authentic Organic Cotton Project

Introduction :

Anandi Enterprises  is implementing organic cotton project, with the following noble visions .

  1. Making Cotton crop cultivation sustainable by avoiding the usage of chemical inputs.
  2. Preventing Soil, water & air pollution.
  3. Protecting the Eco system & Environment.
  4. Production of quality cotton.
  5. For the betterment of all in the cotton sector.

Benefits of Organic Cotton :

Organic cotton shows great benefits at various levels of the value chain.

Farmers, Traders, retailers and consumers all benefit from the economic, social and ecological advantages of organic cotton project.

farm chart

Reasons for Project Location and Seed Variety :

Our Project is being implemented in the districts of Salem, Namakkal and Thiruvannamalai in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Our Project area is so popular for cotton varieties.  For decades, together cotton is cultivated as a summer crop here withstanding summer and low water consumption is the speciality of variety seed Surabhi.  As  the farmers are using only these seeds (Surabhi) for two decades’ adulteration is not at all possible and the crop shows its authentic purity.  Migration and mixing of other seeds is never done here.  This is the main reason for which we selected this area for our project.

Seed Varieties :

“Over the decades of cotton cultivation these areas are using the verities like Surabi and Suvin ELS which are adaptable to high temperature and dry lands.  Surabi and Suvin are well known as Long Staple Cotton Varieties”.  Farmers in these areas trust these varities and are producingCotton in Organic way of cultivation since ages.

Suraj which is a long staple varity is introduced in our project area which is suitable for the tract.

Surabi :

From the year of commencement of our project from 2014-2015, Surabi variety is under cultivation, under assured irrigation with satisfactory yield.

Surabi variety is a long staple cotton with a staple length of 32mm.

It is performing well during the summer season, sowing time being February – March and harvest time being July – August.

Cultivation of Surabi is in practice in the districts of Salem, Namakkal and Tiruvannamalai in selected locations.

Surabi Organic Seed Production by using the Breeder Seeds received from the Central Research Institute for Cotton Coimbatore, to maintain the genetic character of the variety has been done.

Seeds are now under distribution to the project farmers for the current summer season by Anandi Enterprises.

Suvin :

It is an Extral Long Staple Variety, with a staple length of 40 mm.

It is performing well in  Attur area of Salem District.

This Variety is suitable, for the winter season, sowing time being August – September and harvest time being February – March.

This year we have arranged for the Organic Seed Production of Suvin, to cover sizeable area in the coming winter season of 2018.

Suvin Breeder Seeds received from the Central Cotton Research Institute, Coimbatore has been multiplied  for large scale area coverage.

Suraj :

This variety has been introduced  in the project area, this year.

This is a long staple variety with a staple length of 32 mm.

It is suitable for both summer & Winter Seasons.

Breeders Seeds have been purchased from central Institute for Cotton Research, Coimbatore & Govt Certified Seeds have been multiplied for distribution to the Project Farmers.

More area will be brought under this variety, in the ensuing Seasons.

Our Project Status :

Already we have completed three seasons. Now in the Year 2017-2018, We are in the conversion period from 3rd to 4th Year.

The Project has been audited & certified by Control Union – Netherlands.

Climatic Factors :

* Temperature of 29 to 35’C is congenial for cotton crop with favourable night temperature.

The average annual rain fall is 923 mm, distributed during south – east and north west, seasons, favouring summer and winter cotton cultivation.

Soil :

In the Project Location the soil type is Redloamy suitable for cotton crop. Physical structure, water holding capacity & drainage facilities are good. Organic content of the soils are satisfactory.

Crop stubles of cotton, maize, etc., are ploughed incitu to improve the organic matter of the soil, every seasion.

The farmers of the project are having sufficient cattle for the production of Farm yard manure.

Irrigation :

Assured well water is the common source of irrigation, besides bore well water in few places, wherever necessary.  The quality of the available water is highly suitable for cotton crop.

Details of Our Organic Project :

The Project is implemented on ICS basis as per the guidelines of the Certifying Agency. There are 6 ICS located in Salem, Namakkal& Tiruvannamalai Districts.

table of farms

Staff Pattern :

We are having two Retired joint Directors of Agriculture from the State Government Agriculture Deparment to lead the staff & the project.

We have one permanent field staff for each ICS, besides required village scribes.

The Number of field staff and village scribes will be increased based on requirements.

Methodologies for the Project Implementation

  1. Class Room Training to the farmers.
  2. Field Training to farmers.
  3. Visit to problem fields by Experts.
  4. Laying out field Demonstrations.
  5. Conducting skill demonstrations.
  6. Distribution of printed leaflets to the farmers.
  7. Training the field staff.
  8. Involving the Specialists from Department of Agriculture and Agriculture University for various training to farmers & staff.

Procurement :

Every year we are procuring seed cotton from the project farmers at reasonable price.

In the years to come procurement will be intensified for the benefit of the farmers and the project.

We are establishing a Ginning Factory in the project area itself, for the betterment of the farmersand  the project: It will start ginning  from the month of July 2017.

Our Other Activities :

RECCA Program :-

Anandi Enterprises has already created a Brand, RECCA for the recycled cotton & Yarn.

This is the first unit in South India, approved by Control Union, Netherlands.

BCI Program :-

We are implementing BCI Program in Warangal District of Andrapradesh  State for the 3rd year covering 7000 farmers.


Anandi Enterprises is committed for the benefit of all in the cotton sector from producer to consumer by way of implementing organic cotton project, with dedication.









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FLO ID – 36615


The Program is implemented with a view to address trade imbalances, besides offering traders,retailers & ultimately consumers, a powerful way to contribute to impacting the lives of many Disadvantaged Producers & Labours.

It promotes Agricultural, Socio Economic development and Environmental safety.

We have formed a society named “ANANDI FARMERS ASSOCIATION – PALAMEDU “and an agreement for contract production for Fair Trade Organic. The Additional Premium for the cotton will be paid to the society for their social developments.




  1. Non Usage of GMO Seeds
  2. Non Usage of Chemical inputs
  3. Usage of Legal Land.
  4. Conservation of Biodiversity
  5. Labour Welfare activities like prevention of child labour, health & Safety measures, etc.,
  6. Encouraging Farmers Association.
  7. Additional Premium of 0.05 Euro per Kg of Kappas procured from farmers will be paid to farmer society

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  • FairTrade training to farmers :

Farmers are trained on fair-trade standards with special reference to Organic Farming, Conservation of biodiversity, labour well fare and Farmers Assoication.

  • Labours training :

Labours are trained on fair-trade programme with special reference to child labour, Health and Safety etc.,

Farmers training is implemented periodically utilizing the services of Madam. ROHINI CHANDRASEKARAN, Programe Officer – India Plus – Fair trade Network of Asia, Pacific Producer.



Mr. Subramaniam, Association President

Farmers Association by name “ANANDI FARMERS ASSOCIATION – PALAMEDU” has been registered in the Fair Trade Project area with 917 farmers as members.

It has been registered by the Registration Dept. Of Govt of T.N. under Society Act.  It is working for the socio-economic development of the project area, in the field of Agriculture, Animal husbandry, Education etc., utilising the Fair Trade Premium Funds.

A Sum of Rs. 5,63,700/- has been received as Fair-trade premium to the palamedu – Anandi Farmers Association.  It will be utilized for social development as resolved by the society members.

Society Registration Certificate Copy

reg certificate

Bank Account Details

bank details

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FLO Certificate

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