Ecoelate have their own Authentic Organic Cotton farm and cultivate GMO free cotton with herbal dyed herbal dyed organic herbal dyed clothing products which are biocompatible. Herbal dyed garments are extra smooth, therapeutic to the eye, mind and body.

Ecoelate products are 100% chemical-free herbal dyed organic herbal dyed clothing products are non-toxic, prevents allergic and itching, anti-sceptic, antibacterial very comfortable which gives a soothing feel to the skin.

Ecoelate Solid Knotted Top

Ecoelate Solid Coat

Ecoelate Solid Baby Towel with hood

Ecoelate Printed Body Suit

Ecoelate Jump Suit with Solid Cap

Ecoelate Solid Body Suit – White


Everything we do, pollutes or taxes the Earth in some way. It is a sad and inescapable fact. But there are things we can do as individuals and businesses to lighten our impact on the environment. Such as buying and throwing away less, reusing products whenever possible, and recycling everything we can.

Recycled cotton yarn typically comes from the remnants left over after manufacturing T-Shirts (Fabric cutting clips), used cotton garments ( cut open into fiber) while plastic fiber is extruded from recycled plastic bottles. You will sometimes see this, referred to as Soda bottle yarn.soothing feel to the skin.

RECCA Printed Men’s Round Neck White Star T-Shirt

Recca Striped Men’s V-neck Dark Blue, White T-Shirt

RECCA Printed Women’s Round Neck White T-Shirt

Recca Striped Women’s Round Neck Dark Blue, White T-Shirts

Recca Striped Men's Round Neck Multicolor T-Shirt

Anandi Enterprises Specialized Products

We are the supply chain partners for Levis recycled knitted Cotton & Woven Fabric. Levis T-Shirt are available in all the stores across India. We are supply chain partners for Levis and the T-Shirt are available in the stores.