We’ve all heard about high-street brands like Zara and H&M joining the sustainability bandwagon, by setting up in-store recycling initiatives. In a world where fast fashion and constantly-changing trends are contributing to environmental degradation, here are three designers who have collaborated with consumer waste fabric makers to create their latest collections for Lakmé Fashion Week Winter Festive 2017’s initiative, #Restart Fashion. Jaspreet Chandok, Head of Fashion at IMG Reliance, explains that while other showcases by Sunita Shankar, Anavila Misra and Gaurav Jai Gupta attempt to revive indigenous crafts, #restartfashion is a unique take on sustainability — with the newest innovations. “For example, Sohaya Misra has worked with Anandi where fabrics are broken down into yarn and then reconstructed again; a notch higher than normal recycling and upcycling.” Brands featured earlier — like Geetanjali Woollens and Conserve India — will also be part of the Sustainable Fashion and Indian Textile Day on August 17, in Mumbai.

Chola by Sohaya Misra X Anandi Enterprises

Her strong desire to work with black and white fuelled her latest line for LFW, bringing out the traditional easy-to-wear-and-carry, edgy nature of her silhouettes. Misra’s love for indigenous fabrics is well-known and can be seen in her earlier collections in organic cotton and pure linen.

“This collection became a medium for me to explore recycled fabrics from Recca (the recycled cotton brand from Tamil Nadu-based Anandi Enterprises). The fabrics aided in manifesting our versatile styles that have an easy breezy feel, and leave a lot of room for layering,” says Misra who has worked with diverse textures in twills, checks and herringbones, and woven solids to create a mix of blazers, trousers, shirts, skirts and deconstructed shirts.

The concept of dualism, intrinsic to the black and white palette was particularly exciting for her. “It leaves space for thoughtful interpretation, and encourages conversations on the beauty of contrast.” Two opposing forces yet complementary, Misra believes the two shades work together to bring in balance, inherent to the concept of sustainability.

Source : http://www.thehindu.com/life-and-style/fashion/sustainable-day-at-lfw/article19472829.ece